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Homechoice is changing

Homechoice is changing because demand for social housing in Cornwall is very high. There are currently approx.19,500 households registered with Homechoice and on average only 2,300 social housing properties become available each year.

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Some of the changes include:

  1. A new website for Homechoice
  2. The Homechoice register and housing allocation rules

For full details, please see our dedicated Homechoice section for information: Homechoice is changing.

Online system for housing advice and options

Homechoice is the choice based system for letting council and housing association homes to rent in Cornwall. Partner landlords advertise their vacant properties on the Homechoice website and in newsletters available in the Councils’ One Stop Shops and libraries.

Please use our online self assessment toolkit before applying f

or homechoice. You may well be eligible for other housing options. When you register with Cornwall Homechoice, we will assess your housing need and give you details of your priority banding, your eligible date, and the type and size of property you can apply for. You can find more information on how homechoice works here.

The Cornwall Homechoice policy has been reviewed and updated. To  view the agreed changes please visit the Council Allocation Scheme page.

Applicants in the most urgent need for housing have the best chance of bidding successfully for social housing. With nearly 19,000 applicants on the register most people will not be allocated social housing. Use our online housing options tool to make your housing action plan.

There are currently 18,500 households registered with Cornwall Homechoice and only a small number of vacancies each week. You need to seriously consider your other options if you are in a difficult housing situation or are looking for a new home.

To find out more about Cornwall Homechoice, download our Cornwall Homechoice Policy on the Council Allocation Scheme page.

Please visit the Cornwall Homechoice website if you have been asked to renew your application or want to view your account or view or bid on properties.

The way housing benefit is calculated is changing and you could be affected. Please read about the changes to housing benefits.

We want your views to help us improve our service. We would be grateful if you would take a few minutes to tell us what you think in our Cornwall Homechoice Customer Satisfaction Survey