Results of residents' survey

The Council has undertaken two Residents' Surveys to date. Below are the results from the 2014 and 2016 surveys. Both surveys were undertaken on behalf of the Council by an independent research company, Marketing Means, who randomly selected households from the Council's electoral register.

Resident's Survey 2014

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View the full results of Cornwall Council’s 2014 Residents’ Survey. Surveys were sent out to 3,000 randomly selected households and over 1,200 completed questionnaires were submitted. Marketing Means also produced a slide presentation to accompany the full report.

View the full results of Cornwall Council's 2016 Residents' Survey. Surveys were sent out to 5,000 randomly selected households and 2,083 valid surveys were returned, giving a response rate of 42%.

Results by Community Network Area

The following reports break down the results by Community Network Area.

The Council undertook its first Stakeholder Survey in 2016, the report has been drafted by Cornwall Council and independently verified by PFA Research Ltd. View the full results of Cornwall Council’s 2016 Stakeholder Survey.