Request an Inspection or tell us you are starting work

Text an inspection to 60030

Start your text with "LABC" and include your reference number, first line of the site address, inspection required, your name and date of inspection. Maximum of 160 characters per a text.  

For example: LABC BC1600001 2 Fore Street Drains Bob Smith 14.01.17. 

You will always get an automated response, on receipt of your text.

Alternatively you can use the form below to request a building control inspection, or tell us you are starting building work


Call the Inspection Team on 01209 614420 or 01208 265658.

Same day inspections can normally be carried out providing your request is received before 09.30 am

Building Control

Inspection request
* Look up the Building Regulation reference number using the link above.

Data Protection: The information you provide on this form will be held by Cornwall Council and used by us to process your inspection request. We will share this information with other Cornwall Council services for any other relevant Council purposes including Government anti-fraud data matching. Your information will not be used for any other purpose by Cornwall Council or third parties listed above, and will not be passed onto any other third party without your permission. In accordance with Cornwall Council’s Record Retention Policy, the information you provide on this form will be retained for 15 years, after which period it will be destroyed in a secure manner. All personal information held by Cornwall Council is held safely in a secure environment.