Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Camera Privacy Notice

The information on this page explains how Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera infrastructure and data is used, stored and exchanged by Cornwall Council and its partners. It also describes how long that information is normally kept and the limited circumstances in which Cornwall Council may disclose it.

Where are ANPR cameras in operation?

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Cornwall Council operates ANPR cameras on the following roads:

  • A30 Eastbound and Westbound
  • A3047 Northbound, Eastbound, Southbound and Westbound
  • A3058 Eastbound and Westbound
  • A3059 Eastbound and Westbound
  • A3074 Northbound, Eastbound and Southbound
  • A3075 Southbound
  • A374 Eastbound and Westbound
  • A38 Eastbound and Westbound
  • A388 Westbound
  • A389 Eastbound and Westbound
  • A39 Northbound, Eastbound, Southbound and Westbound
  • A390 Eastbound and Westbound
  • A392 Eastbound and Westbound
  • A394 Eastbound and Westbound
  • B3268 Northbound, Southbound and Westbound
  • B3277 Eastbound
  • B3284 Eastbound and Westbound
  • B3300 Northbound, Eastbound, Southbound and Westbound
  • B3301 Eastbound and Westbound
  • C0711 Eastbound and Westbound
  • C0720 Eastbound and Westbound
  • C0723 Eastbound and Westbound
  • C0724 Eastbound
  • U6014 Eastbound and Westbound

and at the following park and ride sites:

  • Langarth, Threemilestone
  • Tregurra, Truro

Cornwall Council operates ANPR systems for the following purposes:

  • To determine origin-destination vehicle journeys to help us improve the road network
  • Real time traffic monitoring and road network management
  • Monitoring of journey times to improve traffic flow 
  • Compliance monitoring/reporting for Cornwall Council initiatives 

The ANPR cameras capture number plate data in the form of text rather than images and also a photographic image for evidential purposes.

Text data, ie, the vehicle registration itself and the photographic image are normally retained for a maximum period of 2 years.

Yes. The Council has a duty under the Data Protection Act to provide individuals with access to information about themselves on request. You can request this information by completing an ANPR Subject Access Request.  Further information on this process is available on our Data Protection page.

Yes, under the following two provisions:

  • Cornwall Council ANPR systems have been installed as part of a joint initiative between Cornwall Council and Devon and Cornwall Police for which there is a Memorandum of Understanding to share data.  This document is signed by Paul Masters, Cornwall Council's Senior Information Responsible Officer and Chief Superintendent Jim Nye, Head of Operations for Devon and Cornwall Police.
  • Section 29 of the Data Protection Act 1998 permits the disclosure of ANPR data to the police where not releasing it would be likely to prejudice any attempt by the police to prevent or detect a crime, or capture and prosecute a suspect so we may be legally obligated to disclose data gathered by other ANPR cameras in response to valid requests from the police and other statutory law enforcement agencies.  Before we authorise any disclosure, the police have to demonstrate that the data concerned will assist them in the prevention or detection of a specific crime, or in the apprehension or prosecution of an offender.  Each request is dealt with on a strictly case-by-case basis to ensure that any such disclosure is lawful and in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

No. Cornwall Council does not share or sell this information with any other organisation, nor is it used for marketing purposes.

The data is held on a secure server in a Cornwall Council owned and managed building within Cornwall - data is not transferred or managed by any third party elsewhere in the UK or overseas. 

Data shared with Devon and Cornwall police is held by the National ANPR Data Centre (NADC) and this data is accessible by all police forces and government agencies within the UK for the purposes and duration outlined on the main Home Office Police ANPR webpage.  The Devon & Cornwall Police Force ANPR Policy D198 also details their strategy and retention periods.