Ambitious Cornwall

We are delighted that you would like to find out more about working with Cornwall Council. Cornwall is a unique and special place, and our aim as a Council is to ensure Cornwall is prosperous, resilient and resourceful; where communities are strong and where we protect the most vulnerable.

We are the biggest employer in Cornwall, providing a wide range of services to more than half a million residents with a budget of more than £1 billion per year. We value our employees as amongst our greatest assets and know that our future success depends largely on the talent and skills of the people that work for us.

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We are already making good progress and our plan for ‘Ambitious Cornwall’ has ambitious goals. We are creating an integrated and improved public transport system, producing more of the energy we need locally, making better use of buildings owned by the public sector and joining together our health and social care services.

We want to improve the prosperity of Cornwall, for our people and our places, and have organised our work as an organisation around the following set of key outcomes: 

  • Our People - Ensuring that we protect and support our most vulnerable residents at various stages of their life, securing the best possible start for our children and young adults and promoting the independence, inclusion and well-being of vulnerable adults
  • Our Places - Developing and maintaining our spaces and places (the neighbourhoods of Cornwall) so they are clean and sustainable, with safe, active and resilient communities
  • Our Prosperity - Maximising the potential for economic growth and development in Cornwall, including ensuring that sufficient housing, transport and infrastructure is provided across Cornwall
  • How we do Business - Increasing public confidence and trust in Cornwall Council through smarter ways of working and greater levels of transparency and accountability to residents, as well as transforming public services in Cornwall through effective performance and partnerships

We are seeking talented, ambitious and dedicated individuals to join our senior management team, to help us achieve these outcomes and to make sure that Cornwall Council is well placed to deliver sustainable services and face future challenges.

For details of our current opportunities, please select the following link:

View Ambitious Cornwall Vacancies

If you have any questions or would like any further information regarding these positions, living and working in Cornwall, and/or relocation arrangements, please contact one of our Resourcing Advisers on 01872 323800 or email to arrange a call-back.

Alternatively, for further information on Cornwall Council, including what we do and what we can offer, please select any of the links below: