Homelessness Strategy

“We will take every opportunity to prevent homelessness. Where we fail to do so, people will have a response that means that sleeping rough is no longer an option”

Welcome to the Cornwall Homelessness Strategy

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Every Local Authority is required to have a strategy to deal with homelessness within its area. The Homelessness Strategy sets out Cornwall’s vision and priorities to tackle homelessness over the next five years.

The aim of the homelessness strategy is to seek to deliver improved and improving services to anyone in Cornwall, who is genuinely homeless or threatened with homelessness, regardless of whether they may be owed the main statutory homelessness duty or not.

The homelessness strategy will be delivered in partnership across a range of statutory and voluntary sector partners and has a strong focus on early intervention and the prevention of homelessness.

Cornwall has renewed its Homelessness Strategy. If you want to see Cornwall Council ‘s Homelessness Strategy 2015 - 2020 and the Homelessness Review that it has been based on follow this link.

Cornwall Council’s previous Homelessness Strategy 2010 - 2015 came to an end in March 2015.

Over time, this page will also contain updates on the implementation of the strategy,  details of specific pieces of work around key objectives and minutes of meetings of the delivery groups