Rubbish facts

Every working day we collect and landfill about 555 tonnes of rubbish. It costs around £185 to collect and dispose of a tonne of rubbish.  That’s £26,695,000 a year just to throw away our rubbish.  See our waste facts for more about Cornwall’s rubbish.

About 25% of the rubbish we collect every day could be recycled.  It only costs £110 to collect and recycle a tonne of rubbish.  If everyone used the recycling collection service, we could save almost £2,706,000 a year. See our reduce, reuse, recyle page for ways to cut your waste and increase your recycling.

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There are also resources for schools to help teach children about recycling and waste.

All household rubbish either goes directly to the Connon Bridge landfill site near Liskeard or is tipped at one of our waste transfer stations. The rubbish is then loaded into larger skip lorries and taken to the landfill site.

Landfill rubbish is flattened out by special bulldozers and then more rubbish is tipped on top. At the end of every day a layer of soil and rubble is put over the top to prevent the rubbish being scattered by birds and animals.

Landfill sites can remain active for over 30 years. As the rubbish breaks down it creates gases, including methane.  We have pipes around the landfill site to capture the methane, clean it and burn it for fuel. Water also seeps down through the rotting waste, picking up chemicals and contaminants as it trickles through the waste. This becomes highly toxic leachate, which is filtered, pumped out and treated before it’s discharged.

You can find out more about your recycling and where it goes and learn about recycling myths with our fact sheets.