Better Business for All

What is Better Business for All?

Better Business for All is a business-focused project led by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

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It is about working with the business community to improve how regulatory services are delivered in Cornwall. It aims to show how working with your local regulators can save you time and money, improve your competitiveness and help you grow your business.

It’s also about encouraging more businesses in Cornwall to seek advice from local regulators by highlighting the benefits of regulation to business, without fear of enforcement activity.

And it’s about ensuring that regulatory staff better understand how businesses operate and the pressures they face.

Better Business for All is part of a national government initiative to reduce the regulatory burden on business. It is endorsed by the Better Regulation Delivery Office, which is part of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly LEP & Cornwall Council’s regulatory Services (Environmental Health, Trading Standards, licensing, planning, fire) has been selected as one of the 11 early adopters of the scheme and successfully bid for grand funding to get the project off the ground.