Where the money comes from for Cornwall Council

To fund our budget we receive income from a number of sources.

This includes Central Government grants, business rates and income from fees and charges on services that we provide. The remainder of the budget is the amount of Council Tax we collect.

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Our gross expenditure is £1,116.416m.


  • Other income (grants, fees and charges): £597.636m
  • Central Government Funding: £87.373m
  • Business rates: £160.789m
  • Collection fund surplus: £10.800m
  • Council tax requirement: £259.818m

Council tax for a band D property is £1,398.70

This is calculated by dividing the amount required by the tax base (the tax base is the estimated number of Band D equivalent properties. These have been adjusted for some non-collection). The tax base is 185,757.08.

Compare these figures with 2016-17 in our Council tax leaflet.