Where is my council tax spent?

For 2017/18 we plan to spend £1,116.416m (gross) on providing services to 549,404 people living in Cornwall. That is equivalent to £2,032.05 per person.

This total is allocated as follows:

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  • Children, Families and Adults: £490.120m
  • Neighbourhoods: £120.547m
  • Economic Growth and Development: £86.221m
  • Customer and Support Services: £298.686m
  • Chief Executive: £26.298
  • Other corporate items: £94.544m

These directorates include the following services:

Adult Social Services; Adult Transformation and Commissioning, Education and Early Years, Children and Family Services

Neighbourhood and Public Protection, Environment, Community Resilience

Economic Growth; Transport and Infrastructure; Planning and Sustainable Development, Housing

Strategy and Engagement, Resources, Customer Access and Digital Services, Commercial Services, Assurance

Wellbeing and Public Health

Items that are not specific to individual services, such as capital financing and the contingency budget.

Compare these figures with 2016-17 in our Council tax leaflet.