Filming in Cornwall

Cornwall Council is film friendly. We value the economic benefits that filming can bring to Cornwall, and we will assist location managers, TV researchers and advertising agencies wherever possible.

In return we ask that you:

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  • apply for permissions in good time
  • abide by our filming code of practice
  • consult and inform residents and businesses who may be disrupted and inconvenienced by your activities
  • use local companies, goods and services where possible
  • at the end of filming, tell us how much you have spent in the area and what local services you have used - complete and return the summary of expenditure form

To enquire about filming in council owned properties or on council owned land contact ,  Public Space Officer on 01872 327693 or email

You will need permission to film on any council property, including beaches, parks, nature reserves and buildings.

Before we grant permission we need to have:

  • A copy of your public liability insurance
  • A copy of any relevant risk assessment(s)
  • Dates for filming and details of locations
  • Details of any other requirements like car parking

Please complete and return the application to film, attaching copies of your public liability insurance and risk assessment(s).

You may also wish to contact Creative England for information about local crew and services.

Professional stills photographers who want to use our beaches or land for marketing and commercial shoots involving crews, models and equipment such as motor vehicles or other products must contact us for permission and a filming licence as per the filming policy.

Individual photographers taking stills of landscapes or views from our land do not need specific permission but we would of course ask you not to disturb or inconvenience other beach users and not to take risks which put yourself or anyone else in danger.

Parking waiver details and application form

Please note that there is normally a 10 day turnaround from the date of receipt of the application.