Fire Safety Advice

This page aims to direct you to information you may need to consider in your fire risk assessment, and advice that may help you improve fire safety in your premises.

Generic Fire Safety Advice

This page provides generic information and tips on the prevention measures you can take (e.g. housekeeping, storage, arson etc) to reduce the risk of a fire starting. 

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Carbon Monoxide

Due to several tragic incidents across Cornwall involving Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, we have produced some additional guidance for members of the public.

Electrical Product Recall

Are any of the electrical products you use such as washing machines, dishwashers, kettles etc on the product recall list?  This page provides information on how you can check your electrical appliances to improve your fire safety.

Festive Fire Safety

Christmas decorations, lights and other electrical decorations can increase the risk of fire, and can increase the fire loading in your premises.  Find out what you should consider.

Fire Safety General Notices

Our Fire Safety General Notices (FSGEN) are issued to keep our staff informed on matters relating to fire safety, but are also useful to places which fall under the fire safety order and the general public to highlight key fire safety messages.


Information and advice for retailers on selling fireworks.

Flying Lanterns

Fire safety advice for retailers, importers and event holders who sell or use flying lanterns also known as 'Chinese lanterns' or 'sky lanterns'.

Private Landlords

From 1st October 2015 new legislation comes into force for private landlords.  

Reducing False Fire Alarms

This page provides advice and guidance that could help you reduce/ eliminate the disruptive impact of false fire alarms, improve productivity and save money.

Holiday Lets

If you provide accommodation for paying guests such as using websites like AirBnB or rent self-catering accommodation this page has been designed to help you.  It can also be used by people who own small bed and breakfast (B&B's), or have inns with rooms to provide guidance on how to comply with the Regulatory Refrom (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides a link to a database of frequently asked questions on topics related to business fire safety.