The Nippers' Nutrition Programme

Children need plenty of energy and nutrients to ensure they grow and develop. A balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables can have a positive impact on children's growth, behaviour and long-term development and can reduce their risk of health problems, such as heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, asthma and obesity.

The Nippers’ Nutrition Programme provides a framework for day nurseries, child-minders and pre-schools to deliver a balanced diet and nutritious food to under 5's, so that they can give the children in their care the best start in life.

AubergineEarly year settings that are signed up to the Nippers' Nutrition Programme are provided with guidance on food groups, menu planning tools, nutritious recipes, healthy snack ideas and guidance on portion sizes to assist them.  They also receive resources to share with parents about providing nutritious food at home.

The settings are encouraged to work through the 5 levels of the Programme allowing for a gradual, stepped  improvement in food and drink provision at a pace which suits them, their parents/carers, staff and children's preferences. Certificates are awarded when each level is achieved.

Thousands of under 5’s in Cornwall are already benefiting from the Programme. To find out more please use the following links:

PearComing soon...information about how businesses outside Cornwall can become involved with the Nippers' Nutrition Programme.

The Nippers' Nutrition Programme is a partnership between:

  • Cornwall Council’s Public Protection Service
  • Cornwall Council’s Children’s, Schools and Families Service, and 
  • Cornwall Healthy Weight Programme, part of Cornwall Council's Health Promotion/Public Health Team