Hackney carriage drivers licence

The Licensing Service has a responsibility to ensure that drivers of hackney carriage vehicles are fit and proper persons to hold such licences.

Licences are only issued by the Council after the driver has been checked to ensure he/she:

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  • Has a valid driving licence
  • Is a fit and proper person
  • Understands the relevant laws

In support of a completed application form the applicant will have to provide Licensing Services with the following:

  • A current full driving licence - due to recent changes in the law in regards to the paper counterpart of a licence (they will be no longer issued or valid).   All drivers must obtain a 'check code' from the DVLA in order for the Licensing Department to see their full driving licence online.  (Please see 'How to apply' section for more information on how to do this).
  • Evidence of any previous criminal conviction, spent or unspent, the disclosure being acquired by the Licensing Service from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Details of how to apply for this is included in the application pack together with information on the process involved and the identification documents required.
  • A satisfactory medical form completed by the applicant's GP. The form for this is enclosed in the application pack.
  • The appropriate fees.
  • Two passport size photographs.

The majority of the forms are available to download – please see the links below; however the DBS application must be completed online.

1. Once you have read through the application pack, it is advisable to complete the DBS application as soon as possible.  The average time from the date of application to receive the DBS check is four weeks, however it can take longer.  You must make the application in person to the Licensing Service together with the appropriate identification documents and fee. We have to wait for the DBS result to be returned to us before we are able to issue a new taxi driver licence. 

2. The Licensing Service must see a driver's full driving licence and this can now be done using a free online system from the DVLA.

The applicant can use the following link:- https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence to obtain a ‘check code’ that can be supplied to us and we can check the applicants driving licence online.

The driver will need to provide their postcode / National Insurance and driving licence number to obtain the check code, please note this code is only valid for 21 days.  It is advised that applicants obtain the check code BEFORE attending their appointment with the Licensing Service.

If the code has not been obtained or applicants do not have access to the internet, they will need to fill in a DVLA mandate form (included in the driver application pack) and pay £5.00 for a printout to be sent from the DVLA to the Licensing Service. 

3. Applicants must then arrange for the completion of the rest of the forms in the application pack (e.g. the medical report ) and return them to Licensing Services with the passport size photographs.

4. When a satisfactory DBS check is received, the taxi driver licence can then be issued, as long as all forms have been submitted and the DVLA driving licence is acceptable.  Licences can be issued for a maximum of three years and are accompanied by a photo card licence.

To ensure a Taxi driver licence is valid, all drivers must begin the renewal process before the expiry date on their Taxi driver licence. This involves completing a renewal application form which can be found below, producing their DVLA driving licence and paying the appropriate fee.  Every three years a driver is also required to provide a new DBS check and a medical examination completed by their GP (please note any driver over 65 must produce a yearly medical examination).  

We would advise all drivers who are renewing their licence to contact the licensing office for their area using the contact details below to check what documents they will need to provide.

  • East Cornwall (Bodmin): 01208 893346
  • Central Cornwall (Bodmin): 01726 223433
  • West Cornwall (Camborne): 01209 615055

Drivers should note that although we send out renewal reminders, it is their responsibility to ensure they apply for renewal 6 weeks before the expiry of the existing licence.

Forms will not be accepted online or via email. All applications must be submitted in hard copy together with associated documents.

Please note that due to the retention of six hackney carriage zones in Cornwall, some forms will vary depending on which zone you plan to work in. 

DBS application

Login information: Organisation Reference – LICENSING, Password – cornwallcouncil.

We recommend that you refer to the DBS - Ebulk Applicant Guide before starting the process. You may also wish to read this update guide if you intend to drive for the Council's Passenger Transport Unit.

Licence application

Applications must be submitted in hard copy together with associated documentation. These forms cannot be accepted by email or online transmission.

You can view the full list of taxi licence fees.