Leaflets for housing benefit and council tax support

You can download all the housing benefit and council tax support leaflets from this page.

There are also leaflets on crisis and care awards, the exceptional relief and transitional support fund and changes to the benefit system.

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  • Benefits are changing – Find out how national changes to the benefit system could affect you
  • Changes to housing benefit - If you have one or more spare bedrooms your housing benefit may be reduced
  • Benefit cap - Information on how much housing benefit you can receive 
  • Housing benefit - Information and guidance
  • Council tax support - Information and guidance
  • Landlords and agents - Includes information about the local housing allowance scheme
  • Overpayments and debt - How we deal with overpayments and where you can get help with debt
  • Students - Housing benefit and council tax support for students
  • Appeals – What to do if you think the decision about your housing benefit or council tax support is wrong
  • Crisis and care awards – Help for those in emergency or disaster situations and for vulnerable people to live as independently as possible in their community
  • Exceptional relief fund – Help for those who get council tax support and have exceptional difficulty paying their council tax